Rules And Regulations

  1. On arrival please stay in your car with your dog until advised.

2. Please keep your dog or puppy on a lead until you are in the enclosure 

3. We ask for dog owners to socialise with the other dog owners attending with their dogs and puppies before taking off the dog leads.  

4. In the unlikely event that your dog or puppies are reactive, aggressive, mis-behaving, we ask the dog owner to deal with the situation immediately. 

5. Please pay attention to your dog at all times. 

6. Please clean your dogs poo up and place in bins provided. 

7. Please close gates behind you during your visit.

8.  Please Note that all dog owners and their dogs enter the dog park at their OWN risk. The Dog Park DOES NOT take any responsibility for injuries or accidents during your visit. 

9. Payment to be made at the end of your session. 

10. The cost of your session is £15 per dog owner per Session.