Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Please read The Dog Park RULES Terms and Conditions carefully before signing our agreement on using the dog park and its apparatus and equipment. 

The Terms and Conditions are set out to protect dog Owner’s and their dogs and so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable visit to The Dog Park without worrying about your dog and puppies getting hurt, stolen, lost, fighting or coming to any harm with other dogs, etc. 

NOTE if any of our Terms and Conditions are broken you may be asked to leave The Dog Park immediately with NO refund of monies and barred from future visits to The Dog Park.


  1. When you have made your booking / Time Slot please arrive at least 5 minutes before time slot this allows us to register your details for track and trace and any future promotions at The Dog Park.
  2. On arrival to The Dog Park please stay in your car until the previous dog owners have left The Dog Park – this also allows us to give safety checks before you enter the dog park and enclosure.
  3. Before you ENTER and DEPART the enclosure you MUST SANITISE YOUR HANDS with gel or wipes provided.
  4. Please ensure you follow the government guidelines listed, if any of the guidelines are broken, we would ask you to leave The Dog Park immediately and banned to return INDEFINITELY. There will be no refunds if any of the government guidelines or The Dog Parks T & C are broken.
  5. Please leave all toys which you dog may have used in the tray provided so we can sanitise when you leave.

We would like to thank you for your corporation in these difficult times and to keep to the current government guidelines which will keep YOU and YOUR dog SAFE AND HEALTHY PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES BEFORE BOOKING YOUR TIME SLOT.   

Standard Terms and Conditions when using The Dog Park and its facilities:

  • On arrival please report to the reception before entry to The Dog Park. On arrival to The Dog Park please stay in your vehicle until the prior dog owners and their dogs get into their vehicle.  Please also keep your dogs on a lead until you enter The Dog Park and also put them on a lead when leaving back to your vehicle.
  • Please ensure you remove all valuables from your vehicle and lock your car.
  • Please ensure you close the entry gate at the end of your session and lock securely.
  • PLEASE NOTE: When visiting The Dog Park, you enter totally at your own risk this includes adults, children and your dogs.  Please ensure you have appropriate pet insurance in place in the unlikely event of any accidents, injuries, bites, etc. The Dog Park takes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, bites, dog fighting or illness, caused by your visit at The Dog Park.
  • Please ensure you always have parental guidance over your children during your stay at The Dog Park.
  • The Adventure Park Equipment is strictly for DOGS only.  No adults or children are allowed on the adventure equipment at any time.
  • Please pay attention to the signs around the park and COVID 19 Requirements which is currently in place at the time of your visit : i.e wearing masks and keeping at least 1 metre apart (2 metres where you can) and protection gloves if possible.  Please don’t touch other dogs.
  • You must be over 16 years old to bring a dog or puppies to The Dog Park (ID may be required for proof of age) if applicable. 
  • Please keep your Dog or Puppy on a lead at all times during your visit UNLESS you have booked your personal time slot in which case the dog can roam free once in the enclosure area. 
  • Please ensure your dog has a collar and is wearing a name tag, be registered and chipped.  NOTE – No dog or puppy will be allowed in if they are not registered or wearing a collar and the dog owner must have a leash or lead with them at all times.
  • Please make sure your dog / puppies are up to date with all vaccinations and in a healthy condition before entering the park.  This is to protect against diseases being passed from dog to dog and protects you and other users.
  • No dog should be left unattended during your visit.  Please ensure you are in total control of your dog / puppy at all times during your visit at The Dog Park. 
  • You may be asked for some type of identification/proof i.e. (Registered Documents), Vet Paperwork or similar that your dogs and puppies visiting The Dog Park belong solely to the person who has made booking.
  • Please ensure you arrive and leave on time for your time slot booking its essential you keep to your time slot.
  • Strictly No Dogs are allowed at the park that have previously bitten or injured a person or another dog / animal.  Dogs that are be aggressive, assertive and unsocialised will also not be allowed to enter The Dog Park on a social booking.
  • No dogs are allowed if they are on heat or unwell.
  •  Violations and complaints will be dealt with after evidence has been gained viewed and a decision will follow within 7 days from the reported incident.  All CCTV images will be given to the police if required to do so, if requested.  Please ensure you take details from other dog owners if there has been an indecent at The Dog Park.  Please inform the dog warden of any problems, incidents immediately or call on the number listed.  
  • There is CCTV in place for your safety and to stop any violations to our terms and conditions rules and regulations.  If anyone breaking our terms and conditions may be asked to leave with Immediate effect with NO refund.
  • PLEASE CLEAN UP YOUR DOGS POO PLEASE – there are poo bins around the park for dog owners to dispose of their dogs poo.
  • The Dog Park gets sanitised after every visit and end of each day. 
  • Please keep all dogs off picnic tables and seats in the shelters for hygiene and cleanliness purposes as well as your safety and safety to others.
  • Strictly No BBQ’s or GLASS items allowed in The Dog Park.  Please remove any rubbish and take away with you. Please do not leave rubbish at The Dog Park. 
  • Please ensure your give your dog or puppy water during hot days to drink and cool your dog or puppy down with water supplied via taps on park.  This will help with heat exhaustion with your dog.
  • Your puppy must be over 4 months old to visit. The Dog Park requires that any puppy visiting must have all the essential vaccines in place before you visit the park.
  • Anyone violating the above terms and conditions will be asked to leave the park with immediate effect.  These terms and conditions are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for you and your dog / puppy at the park.
  • There are no refunds in missed appointments.  You must give 24 hours’ notice to cancel your time slot and you can rebook a new time slot or have a refund.
  •  If your dog or puppy as dug a hole please re fill the hole immediately.
  • There will be restrictions in place on dog owners and dogs while COVID 19 Requirements are required by the government which can change on a regular basis.  The government decisions are important and must be carried out (PLEASE SEE OUR UPDATE PAGE FOR INFORMATION or please ask if you require additional information on rules about our requirements on COVID 19).


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Gates Open at 8am to 8pm

7 days a week


Gates Open at 8am to 9pm (floodlight)

7 days a week

Please Note

The opening times can change due to weather conditions and unforeseen issues and acts of god.

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